Illustration & Visual Narrative: Character Design

Using vormator shapes to have a character design that did in class today, randomly design without any planning.


3 different position of the character sketch by using photoshop.


Digital Design: postcard design work progress 3

#Step 1

-Placed the newspaper as a background,adjust the image at photo filter to sepia to look old style and vintage.

-Placed the crumple paper texture and vintage texture paper.


#Step 2

-Traced shape of the shopping cart from a picture, then make selection and paint it by layer with layer.

-The price tag was made by illustrator using path finder and pen tool to form the shape. The text was type in illustrator with typeface futura (extra condensed bold), then transferred to photoshop to arrange it on the price tag.


#Step 3

-Both image of the shopping complex had made some adjustment like brightness and contrast, levels. A white fame of the picture were made by rectangular marquee tool and paint it in white.

-Each of the shopping bag was duplicate and arranged it one by one. Adjustment of hue and saturation had made for each shopping bags.


#Step 4

-The number percentage was adding with 3d effect  and some of it were type on the path tool on a circle in illustrator as shown below.

-Transferred the number percentage to photoshop and arrange it on the shopping cart.

-the text of “shopping carnival” also made in illustrator with typeface didot.

-The icon of discount also had been traced and applied it with yellow. The text “discount” also arranged on the top.

Digital Design: Postcard Design work progress 2

#Step 1

-I’m using the picture of the sand as the postcard background. I had hide the text of the picture by cropping a part of the “sand” and paste it on the text part.

-I’m also used rectangular marquee tool to draw a rectangular and fill it with white. The opacity had reduced to 83%. This white rectangle is the area of the background for my text.

– A tear cardboard was cut out using the pen tool from a image found.

#Step 2

-some adjustment had made (Levels) in order to make it more contrast and deeper color.

-the text “Vacation Time!” made it using Illustrator and transferred it to photoshop.

-seashell and starfish had cut out from an image by pen tool.


#Step 3

-the sea waves was drawn by my own using the brush that created by myself. The opacity of the brush had lower down in order to look naturally and paint it layer by layer.

-The coconut tree was drawn by brush tool and blend it to linear light mode.


#Step 4

-the luggage was made it from the illustrator using rounded rectangular tool and pathfinder that shown below.

-the hawaiian flower was cut by pen tool and duplicated it to arrange as the border of the text. It also filled it with various color and adjusted in difference size.

-the crab was tracing from a image, then make the selection of the shape and painted it with colors.


#Step 5

-Adding of some image cut out from pen tool and play around the hue and saturation of the flip flop.

Digital Design: postcard design work progress 1

#Step 1

-place the picture of the chalkboard, using brush to draw the chalkboard border to make it look naturally.

-the brick as the background of the wall. The original picture of the brick background had some text, therefore I’m using lasso tool to crop the brick and placed it on the text part.

#Step 2

-The text “back to school” was typed in the illustrator using chalkduster typeface.Then transferred to the photoshop by adjusting the dissolve blend mode and lower down the opacity.

-The bus was using the same technique as the text “back to school”  but I tracing the bus from a picture.

-crop the disco ball and books from the image by pen tool.

#Step 3

-adding my own drawings and adjust the blend mode to dissolve to look like the picture that drawn by a chalk.

#Step 4

-the banner and flag was cut out from various pattern image using lasso tool. I’m used lasso tool to cut it because the shape of the flag will not be look too geometrical.

Color Blending Sketch 2: class exercise

My first color sketch and sketches drawn by me.


1) Normal color blending


2)Using dissolve and color burn mode to blend it.


3)light and dark shadow blending.

Color Sketches

color sketches did by class today!

Digital Design: class exercise

A ballerina with a flying wings and with some water splash..

Illustration class: Color Blending Sketch

1)Normal color sketch with different value.

2)Color the sketch by play around the blending mode and opacity.

3)color the sketch and blend it by smudge tools with my own created brushes.

Digital Design: Dancer(class exercise)

Today we had learnt a new technique by play around the level and curves in photoshop.

Research And Development : Metamorphosis

Research for definition and artwork of metamorphosis:

Research for Surreal Art:

M.C.Escher :

-using negative and positive space to create his artwork, deconstruct to construct, repetition and etc.

Octavio Ocampo (surrealism artist with metamorphic style and portrait)

Vladimir Kush  (surreal artist)

-inspired by his artwork with beautiful scenery and metaphor.

Mind Mapping:

Sketches: (choices peacock or owl)

Research more detail about peacock and ferris wheel :

Further Sketches:

Improvement to more graphical and the shapes:

Try Out: