Mirror Mirror on the wall: Little Red Riding Hood

Here is the final artwork of this project:

The Cover of the box.

The side view of the box.

Inside of the box with small decorations.

Page 1

-extra cutout of the wolf, not digitally wolf.

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

-the wolf can be rotate like eating the little red.

Page 5

Page 6

The overall of the whole project:


Mirror mirror on the wall: Preview of little red riding hood

Scene 1:


Scene 2:


Scene 3:


Scene 4:


Scene 5:


Scene 6:

Mirror Mirror on the wall: research and development

The brief:

Here is the new brief for my second assignment-Mirror Mirror On The Wall

We are required to do a children illustration story book with some few scene.

I’m decided to do “Red riding hood” as my story instead of “Hansel and Gretel”.My target audience will be for children around 3 to 5 years old.


Analyze the story with the setup, confrontation and resolution.


I had done some research of different types of the little red riding hood. Explored about the technique of the illustrator using and the way they present their artwork. (Digital collage, illustrations, drawing or painting form, etc…) I mainly focus on the baby and kid type red riding hood because of my target audience.

Illustrator & designer:

Patricia Metola:

Eun Joo Lee:

-a korean children illustrator.

Paloma Valdivia:

a Barcelona children illustrator. She also considered one of my favourite illustrator.

Sara Fenelli:

I love this illustrator as well, her artwork always impressed me with mix media and collage.

The most success book created by her.- The Onion Great Escape

Gustavo Aimar:

-Most favourite illustrator. His artwork always impressed me and contain concept surrealism. His artwork contain visual texture, collage and mix media. Strong visual texture in his artwork. I like the way he draw the character and the small details on it including the cutout.

some research of the collage made character:

Character Design:

little red riding hood

-some character design based on my research and inspired by my favourite illustrator.




I had draw the wolf before and after he eating little red and grandma. including the outfit.

Concept & Idea:

My six scene of the story card will put it in the boxes and the boxes might be a packaging of the storybook. Some decorations may added into the boxes. The boxes will look like a parcel and some polka dots adding at the side.

Sketches & Scene:

Try Out:

Little red’s costume:

-I had try out with different material of the hoodie of little red.  Example: newspaper, lino ink, crepe paper and etc. I decided to paint the hoodie digitally to show the “redness” of the little red’s hoodie. Additional with the paper dolley around the head of the little red.

The faces:

I wan my artwork contain handmade collage mix with digital collage. For me, painting the face of the character will be a little bit normal. From my research, some of the character was collage made. So I wanted to personalized my character by exploring different material of the face.

Granny’s costume:

Try out with wrapping paper, magazine cutout paper, texture paper.

Wolf’s costume:

Try out with wolf as well.

Character with different perspective and view:

-Front  -Quarter -Side -Back


Confirm Sketches and Scene, Color script, try out:

Mirror mirror on the wall: work progress 6

#Step 1

-Here is the progress of making grandma. This is the original picture that made by me and crop out by pen tool.


#Step 2

-The dress of the grandma was made from texture paper. I had cut the shape of the dress and stick it on the tracing paper. Scanned it as well.

-The hair of the grandma was done by clipping mask in illustrator from an image.

-The outline of the grandma has been draw and the other part was painted by brush.


#Step 3

-The body and the face of the little red had been arranged in a right position.


#Step 4

-The red riding hood was same as the previous work progress from 1 to 4. (Color, outline, drawings)


#Step 5

-Text has been added.


#Step 6

-Adjustment of levels.

-Duplications of the red wine and cakes. Opacity has been lower down.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall: work progress 5

#step 1

-the huntsman also using the same method from the work progress 4 for the making of little red.

-Original picture of the huntsman that had been crop by the pen tool.


#Step 2

-Painted and draw the other features with brushes.

-an axe has been added and cropped from an image.


#Step 3

-The wolf same as the previous of the making wolf and little red.

-Drawn by brush tool.


#Step 4

-Splash out of the blood same as the teardrop by vormator shape.

-The blood has been duplicated and the letter “Z” as well.


#Step 5

-The floor also had been painted and adding the filter effect of sponge.

-The wall and the window have been added.


#Step 6

-The text has been added and the white area was same with part of text at work progress 1.

Mirror mirror on the wall: work progress 4

Here is the method that I created my little red for each work progress including the grandma,huntsman and wolf.

#Step 1

-I had traced the shape of the little red in illustrator then transferred to photoshop.The skin of the little red and the other feature was crop out from the picture that I traced and scanned.

This is the original red riding hood before adding any elements.


#Step 2

-The pencil outline that can be seen clearly in the image has replaced with the clean part of the paper.

-The dress of the red riding hood has been done my clipping mask from the image I grab.


#Step 3

-The outlines has been drawn and the others features of little red riding hood was painted by brush.


#Step 4

-The teardrop was a vormator shape that I had learned during my illustration class.So I had traced this shape form an image in illustrator and duplicated it as much as I can. Arranged it in the pathway of the tear droplets.

-The background was made by the gradient (radial).


#Step 5

-Finally, text has been added.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall: work progress 3

#Step 1

-the body of the wolf was scanned into the computer.

-the outline of the wolf has been drawn including the details.


#Step 2

-the stomach of the wolf was painted with a bloody color so that we can see through the wolf stomach.


#Step 3

-the granny was made with the same method as the red riding hood. Draw on a tracing paper, make a handmade collage on top with some textured paper, stick on the tracing paper then scanned it to the computer.


#Step 4

-the bed was traced from a picture and filled it with gradient color in illustrator. Transferred it to photoshop.

-The paper cut of the wolf was scanned into the computer and arranged it on the bed.


#Step 5

-The little red was placing beside the bed, the outline of the wolf has been drawn, the wall of the cottage was crop in a shape and free transform to a perspective.

-The blanket was done in illustrator by clipping mask and arrange it on the upper layer instead of the wolf.

-The floor of the cottage house was painted and using filter of sponge effect to show the visual texture.


#Step 6

-Some drawing of the outfit of the wolf has been drawn and the text also has been added from illustrator.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall: work progress 2

#Step 1

-The texture of the pathway was made using the magazine paper with earth map. I tear it into a smaller pieces and arranged it according to the value. Then stick it on a paper and scanned it to the computer to photoshop.

#Step 2

-The little red done it with the same method as well as the little red’s from work progress 1. Including the wolf.

-the outline of the wolf was drawn and painted using paint brush.

#Step 3

-The shape of the tree made it by blending tool of the oval and rectangle. I choose the second shape from the upper part as the shape of the tree then color it with gradient color with different value in illustrator.

-The stem and trunk of the tree was drawn by my own using paint brush. Then grab the tree shape that I had made it illustrator to photoshop and combined it with the tree trunk.

-The small cottage in the forest was done by clipping mask in illustrator. The smoke and those small details of the cottage was drawn by paint brush.

#Step 4

-I scanned the dry leaves and maple leaf that from my own to the computer.

-The leaves was crop by pen tool and arranged it on the pathway.

-The text also type in illustrator and transferred it to photoshop.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall: work progress 1

#Step 1

-Im using illustrator to trace the outline of my own drawing of the little red and fill it with color as shown below.

#Step 2

Then, I transferred the image to photoshop from illustrator.

-I had crop my handmade collage of the little red’s in photoshop and arrange it according to layer.

-The pattern of the dress was made by clipping mask in illustrator then transferred to photoshop as well.

-Using normal brush to draw the outline of little red’s eye,mouth and others. Some part of it also painted by the brush.

-Crop the image of basket by pen tool.

#Step 3

-Using filter of texturizer for the blue sky. while the land was painted with brush.

-Using a picture with bushes texture and cut it accordingly with the shape.

#Step 4

-The flower of the bushes was painted by brush and set it with dissolve mode. The opacity of the dissolve mode has lower down.

-The texture of the cloud was making by crumpled paper that make by my own and scan it to the computer. The shape of the cloud was cutted out on a crumpled paper by pen tool.

#Step 5

-Using typeface,chalkboard at illustrator then transferred it to photoshop.

-The white area of the text also painted by brush.

Digital Design: Animated GIF (assignment 2)



)Back to school season

2)Shopping sales season


3)Vacation season


4)Valentines season