Class exercise: Bounce and light & heavy

Bounce between light & heavy

light and heavy part 2


class exercise: typography (light & heavy)

Class Exercise : The story of Cosmetics

Our group member:







Base on the previous lectures, here’s the list of breakdown we listed which consists in the video:

• Informative – audience learns something
• Easy to read (with the texts)
• Easy to understand (yes with her explaining and having visuals and text at the same moment)
• Interesting ( not really because too plain )
• Uses quality data
• Has a point of view (about the uses of cosmetics)
• Manageable amounts of info
• Easily distinguishable and comparable data
• Good use of contrast (I guess so.. Everything is black and white except for the woman who is explaining the video so she stands out when she explains about the story)
• Clear labeling (Yes! On how the differences of the cartoon and how the drawings explains on what is it about)
example: explaining about the types of hair)
• Created for a reason (how to make a right choice and be alert of the products we’re using)
• Appropriate visual methods
• Not wasting space (yes)
• Black and white factor (the drawings)
• Avoid information overload
• Key identification
• Appropriate for intended audience
• No distortion of data
• Legibility
• Space management
• Simple and organized
• No chart junk
• Visually pleasing
• Grab viewer’s attention (I don’t really agree with this because it’s too plain)
• Balance between amount and size of text
• For a general audience
• Consistency of content
• Accuracy
• Encourages comparisons
• Clear purpose
• Creative
• Engaging
• Appropriate size

• Meaningful story
• Use of realism (the general attempt to depict things accurately, from either a visual, social or emotional perspective)
• Use of noticeable differences in size
• Appropriate use of fonts
• Display what is relevant


Class exercise: Sound effect with typography

I like to move it, madagascar theme song made by me.

Class Exercise:Layer styles and Blending

My try out of the Layer styles and blending in after effects: