Storyboard Premiere: Don’t text while driving

This is the storyboard of my video:

Video and Film scene 2 scene 3 scene 4 scene 5 scene 6 scene 7 scene 8 Video and Film scene 10



My storyboard in Premiere:


Class Exercise: Premiere Storyboard

This is the exercise that we do in premiere:


Inspirations: Improvise the video

Here is the inspiration for me to improve our previous video. I was decided to improve the point that we are lacking of information, therefore I’m will edit the middle part of the video by adding some information Β to it and how I play the facts in the video.


This video is more likely to hand drawing vector and their color combination was nice.



I like this infographic video which is from Pinterest:

-their shows the information well

-comparison between two object

-the color which was relate to their branding

Motion Info-graphic Presentation

Group members: Angela, Irfan and Carmen

Target audience: young adult & teenagers

Don’t text while driving:




From the video , it can see that we are lacking of information, the background music and sound was not suitable, message did not communicate well with our target audience.


But our advantage was the visual is strong enough to catch the attention of our target audience since they are young adults and teenagers.

Inspiration: Motion Graphic

Here are the inspiration for us to refer and which was interesting.



the motion of this video is good and their visuals was extremely good and interesting.



Research: facts and information

Angela, Irfan and me had pick a topic for our video which is ” Don’t text while driving”. Here is the information and facts based on my research.