Inspirations: Improvise the video

Here is the inspiration for me to improve our previous video. I was decided to improve the point that we are lacking of information, therefore I’m will edit the middle part of the video by adding some information  to it and how I play the facts in the video.


This video is more likely to hand drawing vector and their color combination was nice.



I like this infographic video which is from Pinterest:

-their shows the information well

-comparison between two object

-the color which was relate to their branding


About carmenkm

A girl that are 19 this year, love design especially collage and handmade stuff. Started to blog from March 2012. Currently activity:Studying BA HONs graphics communication design (first year in 2012) Occupation: Students This is my online journal for my degree project. Every single work progress will be post up. Please do not plagiarize any artwork of mine and this blog its just a reference for those that need some design info. Hope You guys enjoy to read my blog. I do appreciate for those who love my blog.Thanks!!^^

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