State of mind: Final

Final Outcome:








State of mind : Research and Development

Research and Development of Project 3:

Project brief for this assignment.

Research about the six psychological state:

1) Sociable






Research about Mark making:

CY Twombly:

-Look for his mark making and the way he expressed his artwork. The color using by him and the line, texture as a reference.

Julie Spaark:

her artwork more about texture, the color she using was nice. I like the color combination and the texture created by her.



Concept: A tree as a community and the branches its connected with the social network or community. People communicate through phone.cellphone and laptop within this they can join the community network or group.

Try out for the texture of the tree and leaves.


Concept: People use the clown mask to hide it themselves when they are sad.

try out for the texture of the teardrops.


Concept: Reverse of the sociable artwork. Fallen leaf represent the person leaving the community and disconnect with the community. The crack part of the ground its to represent the lonely and antisocial world.

try out with the texture by tearing different material of papers and the texture of crayon.


Concept: We feel great when we sitting on the hot air ballon  at the sky. We will believe that the world its beautiful and good things will come to us as a new hope.So we feel happy.

Try out for the texture by acrylic with different medium materials such as brush, cotton, knife palette,sponge and etc.


Concept: No matter what the time its, the person still can talk in second, minutes and hour as the time flies.


Concept: The black and white stripes background its inspired from the mime because mime are silent and they cant speak. The mouth with lock,chain,mask and zip its to represent the way to ask the person silent and dont let them speak.

State of mind: Silent-work progress 6

#Step 1

-Select the background with black. Using rectangular marqueen tool to draw the white stripe.Duplicated he white stripe and arrange it.


#Step 2

-the picture that shown below had transferred to photoshop. Some of it are done by clipping mask and using pathfinder.


#Step 3

-Arranged it according to the position that I want.


#Step 5

-added text.

State of mind: Talkative- work progress 5

#Step 1

-Done clipping mask of the round shape in illustrator.


#Step 2

-Select color range ->> Highlights. After done this selection copy it and place it to the file.


#Step 3

-Compiled the clock together and merge it, then started to make arrangement.

-put all the clock together.


#Step 4

-Traced the mouth shape.

-Placed it to photoshop.

-Arranged the mouth

-Added the phone.


#Step 5

-Added the background and text.


State of mind: Antisocial-work progress 4

#Step 1

-using the same tree branch as the artwork “sociable”, scanned the textured that I had made to photoshop.

-Select color range ->> Highlights of the crack textured then arranged below the tree branch.


#Step 2

-Painted the background of crack textured to black.


#Step 3

-scanned the real tree leaf to computer and crop it by pen tool.


#Step 4

-added the social icon and the symbol “anti” was made it illustrator then transferred to photoshop and merge it with the icon.

-background color added by gradient overlay.


#Step 5

-added the text.

State of mind: sociable-work progress 3

#Step 1

-Clipping mask had made for the tree trunk in illustrator using my own created texture image.

-Transferred from Illustrator to photoshop.


#Step 2

-using the leaf texture brush to created the leaf of the tree.

-painted layer by layer of the leaves with different color.


#Step 3

-Added the laptop, cellphone and phone that I had make in illustrator  to photoshop.


#Step 4

-Added social icon and arranged it into a position.


#Step 5

-Background color had been added.


State of mind: Sad- work progress 2

#Step 1

-the nose of the clown its make from the texture I had made then make clipping mask on it.

-The shape of the clown has been traced in illustrator then transferred to photoshop.

#Step 2

-the teardrop its make in illustrator and duplicated it in photoshop. The teardrop has been scale into a size to arranged.

#Step 3

-adding background color.

#Step 4

-text also has been added.

State of mind: Happy- work progress 1

#Step 1

-Traced the shape of the hot air balloon in illustrator. Then make clipping mask on the texture I had make and scanned to the computer.


-Did the same thing for the following hot air balloon.


#Step  2

-Placed the hot air balloon from illustrator to photoshop and arranged into a position.


#Step 3

-Arranged all the hot air balloon into the photoshop.


#Step 4

-Traced the shape of the cloud and rainbow in illustrator then applied color on it. Transferred this to photoshop and make the arrangement of it.


#Step 5

-Make splatter ink brush to paint the background. And paint it layer by layer according to the value of the color.

-Last, adding the text on top.

Mirror Mirror on the wall: Little Red Riding Hood

Here is the final artwork of this project:

The Cover of the box.

The side view of the box.

Inside of the box with small decorations.

Page 1

-extra cutout of the wolf, not digitally wolf.

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

-the wolf can be rotate like eating the little red.

Page 5

Page 6

The overall of the whole project:

Mirror mirror on the wall: Preview of little red riding hood

Scene 1:


Scene 2:


Scene 3:


Scene 4:


Scene 5:


Scene 6: