Digital design: Movie Poster (final)

My concept of my movie poster is about I enter a small fantasy mushroom land and I become tiny and small once I had entered the world.

Here is the final of my movie poster “BIG”:


The image was too big so please click the question mark to look for it..Thanks!!^^


Digital Design: work progress (movie poster)

#Step 1

-Half of the background image had been added including the mushroom image.

-Adjustment of Hue and Saturation with Pin Light blending mode.

-the mushroom had been duplicated in a same size and adjusted it with Hard Light blending mode on the top of the layer of the original mushroom.

#Step 2

-second and third mushroom have been added.

-the inner part of the brown mushroom had been crop out using pen tool. Hue and saturation had been added with Vivid light blending mode to show the glowing part.

-same technique using to the following mushroom with green light.

#Step 3

-a mushroom with below eye level has been crop out and placed in the poster.

-A polka dot image with mutiply blending mode has been added  on the mushroom, excessive part of the picture has been cropped out. Adjusted with hue and saturation as well.

-Duplicated a same mushroom stem and replaced it to the original.

#Step 4

-A tree trunk has been cropped out and enlarged it to the left side, while the right side has been flip horizontally from the left one and adjusted with brightness and contrast to more darker and dimmer.

# Step 5

-a image with fairy light with overlay blending mode apply on the top of the background image.

-the images with dry leaves had been placed below the poster.

#Step 5

-Sharpen the image of the pathway. Picture of myself and mushroom house had been added as well. The green hills had been cropped out and duplicated to arranged on it.

#Step 6

-A butterfly had been cropped out and arranged it behind the tree.

the color of the butterfly had been adjusted by hue and saturation.

-Duplicated a same butterfly with mutiply blending mode and arranged it on the top of the butterfly.


#Step 7

-Movie title, text and credit had been added to the movie poster.