Inspiration: Motion Graphic

Here are the inspiration for us to refer and which was interesting.



the motion of this video is good and their visuals was extremely good and interesting.




Research: facts and information

Angela, Irfan and me had pick a topic for our video which is ” Don’t text while driving”. Here is the information and facts based on my research.





Class Exercise : The story of Cosmetics

Our group member:







Base on the previous lectures, here’s the list of breakdown we listed which consists in the video:

• Informative – audience learns something
• Easy to read (with the texts)
• Easy to understand (yes with her explaining and having visuals and text at the same moment)
• Interesting ( not really because too plain )
• Uses quality data
• Has a point of view (about the uses of cosmetics)
• Manageable amounts of info
• Easily distinguishable and comparable data
• Good use of contrast (I guess so.. Everything is black and white except for the woman who is explaining the video so she stands out when she explains about the story)
• Clear labeling (Yes! On how the differences of the cartoon and how the drawings explains on what is it about)
example: explaining about the types of hair)
• Created for a reason (how to make a right choice and be alert of the products we’re using)
• Appropriate visual methods
• Not wasting space (yes)
• Black and white factor (the drawings)
• Avoid information overload
• Key identification
• Appropriate for intended audience
• No distortion of data
• Legibility
• Space management
• Simple and organized
• No chart junk
• Visually pleasing
• Grab viewer’s attention (I don’t really agree with this because it’s too plain)
• Balance between amount and size of text
• For a general audience
• Consistency of content
• Accuracy
• Encourages comparisons
• Clear purpose
• Creative
• Engaging
• Appropriate size

• Meaningful story
• Use of realism (the general attempt to depict things accurately, from either a visual, social or emotional perspective)
• Use of noticeable differences in size
• Appropriate use of fonts
• Display what is relevant


Infographic Design: Good & Bad Infographic

Bad Infographic:

IMG_2871       IMG_2870

Part 1                                                                          Part 2

-It look simple and easy,

-but it’s not convenient for the reader to read it because they need to refer the part 1 for the part 2.

-the design of the info-graphic should make it more iconic and symbolize. To be more visualize.


Good Infographic:



-The color was suitable for their target audience which is not too funky.

-have some color contrast with the used of yellow and red.

-It’s detailing with all the information and easy to understand.

Research and Inspiration

Here are some of the infographic I had research which is suitable for kids (our target audience) The layout,the arrangement,the element and the color theory which has inspire me a lots.



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1258917175910d88841e87b253f76259 a7e0a6af49e914897070c2011d7f764b








State of mind : Research and Development

Research and Development of Project 3:

Project brief for this assignment.

Research about the six psychological state:

1) Sociable






Research about Mark making:

CY Twombly:

-Look for his mark making and the way he expressed his artwork. The color using by him and the line, texture as a reference.

Julie Spaark:

her artwork more about texture, the color she using was nice. I like the color combination and the texture created by her.



Concept: A tree as a community and the branches its connected with the social network or community. People communicate through phone.cellphone and laptop within this they can join the community network or group.

Try out for the texture of the tree and leaves.


Concept: People use the clown mask to hide it themselves when they are sad.

try out for the texture of the teardrops.


Concept: Reverse of the sociable artwork. Fallen leaf represent the person leaving the community and disconnect with the community. The crack part of the ground its to represent the lonely and antisocial world.

try out with the texture by tearing different material of papers and the texture of crayon.


Concept: We feel great when we sitting on the hot air ballon  at the sky. We will believe that the world its beautiful and good things will come to us as a new hope.So we feel happy.

Try out for the texture by acrylic with different medium materials such as brush, cotton, knife palette,sponge and etc.


Concept: No matter what the time its, the person still can talk in second, minutes and hour as the time flies.


Concept: The black and white stripes background its inspired from the mime because mime are silent and they cant speak. The mouth with lock,chain,mask and zip its to represent the way to ask the person silent and dont let them speak.

Mirror Mirror on the wall: research and development

The brief:

Here is the new brief for my second assignment-Mirror Mirror On The Wall

We are required to do a children illustration story book with some few scene.

I’m decided to do “Red riding hood” as my story instead of “Hansel and Gretel”.My target audience will be for children around 3 to 5 years old.


Analyze the story with the setup, confrontation and resolution.


I had done some research of different types of the little red riding hood. Explored about the technique of the illustrator using and the way they present their artwork. (Digital collage, illustrations, drawing or painting form, etc…) I mainly focus on the baby and kid type red riding hood because of my target audience.

Illustrator & designer:

Patricia Metola:

Eun Joo Lee:

-a korean children illustrator.

Paloma Valdivia:

a Barcelona children illustrator. She also considered one of my favourite illustrator.

Sara Fenelli:

I love this illustrator as well, her artwork always impressed me with mix media and collage.

The most success book created by her.- The Onion Great Escape

Gustavo Aimar:

-Most favourite illustrator. His artwork always impressed me and contain concept surrealism. His artwork contain visual texture, collage and mix media. Strong visual texture in his artwork. I like the way he draw the character and the small details on it including the cutout.

some research of the collage made character:

Character Design:

little red riding hood

-some character design based on my research and inspired by my favourite illustrator.




I had draw the wolf before and after he eating little red and grandma. including the outfit.

Concept & Idea:

My six scene of the story card will put it in the boxes and the boxes might be a packaging of the storybook. Some decorations may added into the boxes. The boxes will look like a parcel and some polka dots adding at the side.

Sketches & Scene:

Try Out:

Little red’s costume:

-I had try out with different material of the hoodie of little red.  Example: newspaper, lino ink, crepe paper and etc. I decided to paint the hoodie digitally to show the “redness” of the little red’s hoodie. Additional with the paper dolley around the head of the little red.

The faces:

I wan my artwork contain handmade collage mix with digital collage. For me, painting the face of the character will be a little bit normal. From my research, some of the character was collage made. So I wanted to personalized my character by exploring different material of the face.

Granny’s costume:

Try out with wrapping paper, magazine cutout paper, texture paper.

Wolf’s costume:

Try out with wolf as well.

Character with different perspective and view:

-Front  -Quarter -Side -Back


Confirm Sketches and Scene, Color script, try out: